I’m successful—but I need (way) more freedom.

Your studio is open and thriving. Well, if thriving means profitable.

Because even if your paycheck is banging, your work/life balance and schedule and sanity…not so much. You want to fine tune how you run your business, streamline your expenditures, maximize our profits, and give yourself the lifestyle you always imagined (aka not overworked, stressed out, or stretched thin). We’ve laid out some killer resources tailored to help you get more financial stability and personal freedom—at the same time.

Want to learn tried and true principles on gaining freedom…without sacrificing consistent revenue?

Yes, it’s possible (and profound). Get the “4 Keys to Freedom from Successful Fitness and Mindbody Studio Owners.”

Meet 3 successful studio owners who did exactly that:

  • Erin quadrupled her profit margins and moved away from trading time for money…all with two babies under the age of 2.
  • Christina’s personal tragedy helped her go after her passion in life. Discover how starting a business in a small town became a huge advantage for her.
  • Alyssa doubled her revenue by stepping back, systemizing, and focusing on self care.

Exclusive Podcast Episodes

These delve into the magical world of letting systems and operations hustle hard so you can find freedom.

Episode #157

For years, I’ve thrown around the word FREEDOM in a rather innocuous way.   It’s been the loose idea of the perfect life, the life where it all goes my way, where the bad is banished, and suddenly all those worries and anxieties disappear and reemerge into utter bliss {sound familiar?}.   In my mind, […]

Episode #204

At some point along our childhood journey, most of us heard the story of the tortoise and the hare with the big moral being “slow and steady wins the race.” Just in case you didn’t hear the story growing up, (spoiler alert) the tortoise wins the race because he kept a steady and sustainable pace […]

Episode #246

Generating passive income as a massage therapist feels like a pipe dream. As in: It’d be great to work less and earn more, but I’d also love to ride off gaily into the sunset and we both know that’s not possible, right? Oh, y’all… not quite. As my guest on this brand-new episode of Ready. […]

Thirsty for more real-life stories from people who have faced these hurdles head on?

Meet Hannah and Burn Theory

A big way towards a freeing business is
hiring the right team and delegating well.

Get an insight into the best process for making that happen:
Freedom = Team Hiring Process

It’s not crazy to want a business that thrives…

…and also allows you to thrive personally. And we know exactly how to do it—
Head to our services page to see our plan of action.

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