I’m not open yet—and I’m struggling to make my vision happen (In Real Life.)

You’ve been dreaming of this for years. You have a vision for what you could bring to a boutique fitness studio that’s fresh and different and completely YOU. There’s just one problem: you have no freaking clue how to make it happen in a way that won’t bankrupt you.

From marketing to self-doubt, to getting clients—we have the resources tailored to help you right here, right now.

Start here before you start up.

Our Studio Startup Checklist will make sure you don’t overlook anything big and help you stay organized, focused and efficient as you open your studio.

Need some inspiration from pros who have been there, done that (and done it WELL)?

Meet Annie and Upswing Pilates

Exclusive Podcast Episodes

These will help upcoming owners (like you!) open up their profitability.

Episode #191

You’ve signed the dotted line and have your keys in hand… you’re officially a studio owner, darlin’! Whether it’s your first studio or your seventh, opening a new space and establishing a brand new class schedule, community, and clientele can feel, well, overwhelming, and that’s putting it mildly. However, through the years of opening new […]

Episode #193

We’ve got our goals outlined, budget mapped, and we’ve checked in with our state regarding pre-sale regulations, and now it’s time to do the exciting part… drumming up interest and generating leads! ( If you haven’t done those steps I mentioned above, be sure to go over and listen to Ready. Aim. Empire. Episode #191, […]

Episode #200

I first met Jennifer Zumann on the shore of a little lake in Alexandria, Minnesota.  Although I was on a lovely getaway, kids were scampering (and screaming) with every discovery, and bathroom time in a crowded, shared space was hard to come by… I simply needed a little space to breathe and time to stretch. […]

Ready for more “Oh my gosh that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now!” inspiration?

Meet Alyssa of Embarque Studio

Looking for killer marketing ideas to open your studio with a bang (the good kind)?

Grab our Open With Ease Marketing Checklist

You CAN do this. You just need the right plan.

Pop over to our services page to see other ways you can dig in and level up—so that when those doors open, you don’t hear crickets, you hear a stampede.

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