The Every Contract Your Business Needs Package



  • Get every single contract your business might need right now, prepared by some of the best lawyers in the country
  • ALL documents are editable to fit your studio!
  • Receive NINE essential templates with this package:
    • Lease Template
    • Sublease Template
    • Independent Contractor Agreement Template
    • Landlord Abatement Letter Templates
    • Employment Agreement Template
    • Employee Handbook Template
    • Terms and Conditions Template – Virtual Classes
    • Simple Contract Template
    • Membership Agreement Template
    • All templates have language updated for Covid-19, virtual studio, and virtual IP

So, What's this about?

Contracts are essential to any business. And getting your legal documents in order is very important. Which is why we’re here to offer our assistance!

Created by a top-notch legal team, the ‘Every Contract Your Business Needs’ package does exactly what it says on the tin – it gives your business every doggone document it might need on a daily basis (all prepped by professionals) and takes the guesswork out of creating professional, legally sound documents.

And don’t fret! All documents come in editable word document formats!

You probably have a million worries right now. Don’t let your contracts be one of them.

Disclaimer: These contract templates were written by lawyers based on laws, regulations, policies, and business dynamics unique to settings different than yours. Although helpful to you as a business owner, these templates do not constitute legal advice and do not relinquish your responsibility to ensure these contracts are the right fit for you and your business. We always recommend and encourage you to research and understand all applicable laws, regulations, and policies for your business situation, and to contact a local attorney to review the contracts and make them applicable to your situation. Results from these contracts are not guaranteed and all risk associated with them is the responsibility of the buyer.

The Must Have 30-Day Follow Up for Intro Package Prospects That Don’t Convert



  • Plug-and-play emails and texts to turn Intro Package prospects who didn’t originally convert into LONG TERM members 
  • Customizable, mad-libs style copy so that it sounds just like you
  • Fun and educational material that ensures that the copy comes across as personal, intimate and that your prospects can trust you!

Give me the deets

You’ve done the difficult task of getting a new client through your doors. 

They’ve already taken your intro package, they’ve interacted with you and your instructors, and they’ve left happy BUT they didn’t buy. 

What next?

Well, you need to begin the process of trying to turn them into loyal members. 

Studio Grow’s Must Have 30-Day Follow Up for Intro Package Prospects That Don’t Convert helps you do exactly that, with a series of done-for-you, plug-and-play emails and text messages that can get someone from a warm prospect, who isn’t quite sure, to loyal client in 30 days!

Customizable Corporate Project Proposal Brochure and Guide



  • Receive a fully customizable, 4 page done-for-you Corporate Project Proposal Brochure which you can use to pitch to neighborhood corporates today.
  • The brochure covers everything from program suggestions, detailed descriptions of on-site services, discount suggestions, price negotiations and much more!
  • Pitch corporates hard-to-sell offers like payroll deduction with ease! 

Get the deets

There’s a health revolution happening throughout the world. 

People are finally beginning to realize the importance of investing in their bodies, right from their diet, to exercise, to mental health. 

How are you contributing to that movement?

Globally, corporations are taking note of the fact that a healthy workforce equals a more efficient one. 

And they’re looking for people to help. 

That’s where you come in!

With the Customizable Corporate Project Proposal Brochure and Guide, pitch your corporate fitness services directly to businesses around you. The guide makes sure to cover everything from pricing, to mission, to importance AND helps you create an additional stream of income for your studio!

Studio Reopening Guide



  1. Equip yourself with everything you need to reopen safely (and keep your studio open!)
  2. Ensure the safety of everyone who walks through your studio’s doors
  3. Get a comprehensive manual that covers:
    • Health protocol
    • Sanitation protocol
    • Spatial protocol
    • Social Distancing protocol
    • Team protocol
    • Client protocol 
    • Legal written team waivers 
    • Legal written client waivers
  4. ALSO GET additional documents such as:
    • Contact and cleaning logs
    • Printable signage 

So, what’s in this anyway?

Y’all, reopening your studio isn’t gonna be easy. 

Big companies in our industry have spent thousands of dollars and invested some serious time to make sure they reopened successfully. 

But the clock is ALWAYS ticking for small businesses. 

Enter Studio Grow.

We put our heads together, enlisted the help of the best legal team we could find, and put together the ultimate Studio Reopening Guide.

This guide has every document, sign-in, and log you might need to reopen your studio and KEEP it open. 

Because not having the right documentation could mean the difference between a smooth reopening and a disaster.