7 Pillars to 7 Figure Studios

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  • Lay the foundation for your studio’s success with the 7 Pillars of every successful studio
  • Examine your model, marketing, sales process, team and average client monthly value and more to iron out your studio’s systems and max out your revenue potential
  • Get instant access to Studio Grow’s method of building and nurturing 7-figure studios, created from over a decade of experience and working with over 85 7-figure studios, including six of our own.

Gimme the deets:

You probably opened your studio because you finally found what you were passionate about. 

You wanted to change the health and wellness community and help people reach their fitness goals while doing what you love and breaking out of a yawn-worthy corporate cycle.

And then, something went wrong.

Suddenly, your dream started becoming a prison. 

Clients weren’t buying from you anymore, you were having trouble stabilizing revenue, and you had to drastically reduce prices to actually get people to walk through your doors. 

We know it’s been tough. 

But, we’ve also worked with studios who’ve seen incredible success. Studios that have tripled their members while maintaining stable revenue and selling more intro packages than ever before. 

And we’ve taken all of their secrets and jammed them into our ‘7 Pillars to 7 Figure Studios’ program!

In our 7 Pillar videos, we take you through everything you need to be doing to get your studio from barely surviving to 7 figures!

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