Custom Coaching with Studio Grow CFO, Dan

$250 for (1) 30 minute call


  • Resolve issues in your business with the help of custom, tailored-for-you care by our CFO and Chief Lawyer Dan at a ridiculously discounted rate!
  • Get help on all those hard-to-navigate legal and financial nitty-gritties like lease negotiations, the buying and selling of businesses, and handling challenging topics with your team members and clients. 

Get the deets

The last thing your studio needs right now is plug-and-play strategies. 

Your studio is unique, with its special voice, and a special set of challenges too. 

And you deserve advice, coaching, and strategies that are tailored to YOU. 

Not something plucked off of a shelf that may not fit your studio’s needs at all. 

We understand that. 

And we’re here to help. 

For a limited time only, our CFO Dan is opening up a few of his in-demand sessions to help you with any special care you might need right now. 

Allow us to vouch for Dan (since he won’t toot his horn himself) – he has an exceptional track record helping small businesses with all things financial (including large scale debt resolutions), lease negotiations, abatements, buying and selling of businesses and MUCH more.  

Here’s a little more about him: Dan Kuecker holds a B.A. from Augustana University, a J.D. from the University of Iowa School of Law and an L.L.M. in Contracts Law. He’s served as a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years and co-owned 6 studios with his wife, Lise Kuecker. He’s brilliant at the fine details that make a major difference between break even and big profits.  

And we’re positive he can help you too!