The Ultimate Introductory Package Follow-up Series: Email, Text and Automation Sequences Designed to Convert



  • A detailed follow-up flow of automated emails and text messages designed to turn your intro package opt-ins to regular clients
  • Email and text templates that cater to all 4 major buyer types of Intro Packages 
  • Options for 7, 14, and 21-day intro offer flows with notes on modifications for additional intro offers
  • A visual email and text schedule and clear automation guide for major software platforms

Get the deets 

Y’all, first impressions matter. 

Which is why the emails and texts you send out during your intro offer process is of prime importance. 

And Studio Grow has been working on fine-tuning and perfecting our post-intro offer strategy for YEARS, taking all the intel we’ve gathered from the studios we’ve worked with.

And we’ve created the ultimate introductory package follow up flow to make sure all those clients turn into members.

With The Ultimate Introductory Package Follow-up Series, convert clients into members by speaking directly TO them and help them see you as a friendly part of their lives!

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