Studio Proforma



  • Get a fully-fleshed out Proforma Spreadsheet, customized for boutique fitness studios, that you can begin using immediately for your studio (and your profit margins).
  • The Spreadsheet comes in an easy-to-use Excel format and is editable so you can add or remove services, expenses and profit centers as you see fit.
  • Use it to keep track of your studio’s revenue stream and projected financials. It is essential for any banker, prospective buyer or loan underwriter.

So, what is this anyway?

Before you launch a new product (like a virtual studio, retreat or teacher training) or if you’re struggling with profit margins, it’s time to start with a Proforma.  

A Proforma is a spreadsheet used to track expected growth and expenses.  If you’re wondering if (and when) that new teacher training will be profitable, a proforma is your first start to ensuring you know the answer.   

A proforma, while not legally binding, should also be able to predict the financial change the organization will go through after the transaction. 

After working with dozens of underwriters, bankers, business appraisers and studio owners, we took a basic proforma and customized it to our industry.  After all, we deserve a little something special.  

So, why should you use this for your studio?

Two simple words: Profit Margins. 

Predicting your profits and losses before you launch or attempt to grow a new revenue stream for your studio is the single most important thing you can do. It gives you solid footing to base future financial decisions on, prepares you for any possibilities of loss, and helps you decide if a financial decision is the best for your organization. 

And we’re making getting there easy for you!

Download our Studio ProForma template now and walk towards a more financially secure future for your business!