Studio Reopening Guide



  1. Equip yourself with everything you need to reopen safely (and keep your studio open!)
  2. Ensure the safety of everyone who walks through your studio’s doors
  3. Get a comprehensive manual that covers:
    • Health protocol
    • Sanitation protocol
    • Spatial protocol
    • Social Distancing protocol
    • Team protocol
    • Client protocol 
    • Legal written team waivers 
    • Legal written client waivers
  4. ALSO GET additional documents such as:
    • Contact and cleaning logs
    • Printable signage 

So, what’s in this anyway?

Y’all, reopening your studio isn’t gonna be easy. 

Big companies in our industry have spent thousands of dollars and invested some serious time to make sure they reopened successfully. 

But the clock is ALWAYS ticking for small businesses. 

Enter Studio Grow.

We put our heads together, enlisted the help of the best legal team we could find, and put together the ultimate Studio Reopening Guide.

This guide has every document, sign-in, and log you might need to reopen your studio and KEEP it open. 

Because not having the right documentation could mean the difference between a smooth reopening and a disaster.