The First 100 Days: Every Single Email, Text and Automation To Retain New Members

My studio needs this!


  • Studio Grow’s tried and true retainment strategy, including  every single week-by-week email and text to keep a client for the long haul
  • Done-for-you, mad libs style copy which makes scheduling (and editing) a breeze 
  • Recommendations for personal instructor and owner interactions so that this sounds nothing like an automation

Get the deets

So, a client has just taken the leap and turned into a long-term member. 

First off, pat yourself on the back. Every client-turned-member deserves to be celebrated!

But, once the celebration is done, it’s time to think about retention. 

The most popular saying in boutique fitness is this : ‘It’s harder to retain a new member than convert them’.

Okay, we might’ve just made that up, but the point still stands. 

Retaining a new member, keeping them motivated enough to use your studio to its full potential, and turning them into loyal evangelists for your business is a lot of elbow grease. 

But, it CAN be done. 

Which is why Team Studio Grow have put together the ultimate 100-Day retention flow for all new long term members. Get access to our week-by-week email and text message strategies that’ll ensure a very happy new member experience.

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