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Hot Yoga Studio

Location: Temecula, CA This Hot Yoga studio in Temecula was started in 2012 and offers traditional Bikram Hot Yoga 90 minute classes, Bikram Hot Yoga 60 minute classes, Hot Pilates, and Yin Yoga. Clients come to this studio with problems such as back pain, excess weight, limited range of motion, limited muscular ability, diabetes, lack […]

Pilates Studio

Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota This Pilates Studio is an established, reputable boutique studio located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a prestigious southwest suburb of Minneapolis.   Their comprehensively trained and PMA certified teachers work with clients both privately and in small groups to help them achieve their fitness goals.   This studio utilizes a membership based […]

Cycling, Boxing, & Strength Training Studio

Location: Washington, D.C. Established in 2012, this studio opened their doors on U Street and has been at this current location for over 6 years and opened their second location on Capitol Hill just two years ago.  They are a community focused fitness studio that focuses on small group training and real fitness. “Off Road […]

Cycling & Barre Studio

Location: Towson, MD This is a warm and welcoming community specializing in barre and cycle classes. In its fourth year in business, it has a 100+ monthly members, about 15 team members and a stellar reputation both online and in the local area. Located just north of Baltimore, MD in the bustling suburb of Towson, […]

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