Pilates Studio

Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

This Pilates Studio is an established, reputable boutique studio located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, a prestigious southwest suburb of Minneapolis.  

Their comprehensively trained and PMA certified teachers work with clients both privately and in small groups to help them achieve their fitness goals.  

This studio utilizes a membership based business model, which guarantees monthly profit.  

All of their large equipment is Peak brand (with an array of smaller Balanced Body equipment/props).  The main inventory consists of: 

  • One Cadillac
  • Five Total Workout Systems (Reformer + Tower)
  • One Sports Med (Reformer + Tower)
  • One Ladder Barrel (plus various other sized barrels and Spine Corrector)
  • One Ped-o-Pul
  • Five MVe Chairs
  • Two Split Pedal MVe Chairs with handles 

This space consists of two bright and airy rooms: the front room holds 4 Reformers, the Sports Med Reformer, and 5 MVe Chairs; the back room holds the Cadillac and one TWS Reformer as well as functional floor space.  This studio also has TRX and Barre classes in the back room along with Mat classes and workshops. 

The atmosphere is nurturing, supportive and positive which allows for minimal client turnover.  

Asking Price: $154,900
Square Footage: 1,785 sq ft

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