How To See 1000% Growth In A Summertime Slump Thanks To Facebook Ads & Email Campaigns


Coming from a family of successful professionals (doctors and engineers), I grew up facing tons of academic and professional expectations.   

When you added in the fact that I was a first generation American, those expectations multiplied.   

It was pretty clear at a very young age that I was entrepreneurial.  My first business?  A cookie company straight out of my dorm room. 

During conversations with my father, my entrepreneurial inclinations kept rising up; and while he was always super supportive, he also advised that I get a safety net in place before I pursued my dreams.  So off I went to business school, law school, and on to become an associate at a prestigious firm. 

It all changed the moment my Father passed away.  Life is short and unpredictable. We have no idea how long we’re going to be here. Why am I wasting even a second of my precious time on this planet doing anything that I don’t absolutely love?

The Journey to Studio Owner

So began the 2-year soul-searching journey that ultimately led me to start my own yoga studio in Washington, DC in February 2015.

I’m proud to say that two years later, the studio is going strong and has a lot going for it. 

We’re the only rooftop yoga studio in DC proper.  Our location is in the heart of the popular Capitol Hill neighborhood.  And, as a recovering lawyer, I could relate to and guide every person who walked through my door who was exhausted and worn out from life in the beltway.

Note from Lisé – Alia’s studio is one of the most beautifully designed and creative spaces I’ve ever seen in the hundreds of studios I traveled.

The Real Issue

There was only one major problem:  I had very busy times and very slow times.  I am a natural at marketing, but I needed a key system to drive people through my doors year round. 

When I met Lisé and started working with her through The Client Cure it was clear that I wasn’t the only one having struggles with traditional marketing…the old ways of doing things weren’t going to work.  I’d tried Yelp and while I wouldn’t say that I had a bad experience, it certainly hadn’t driven in the traffic I’d wanted.  So what was left?  Facebook ads. 

Social Solutions

Alongside Lisé, I built an introductory offer that I knew would sell, an email sequence that would encourage people on that offer to upgrade to the long-term programs that could change their life and structured a summer time sale based around The Client Cure’s concepts.  It was a deal too good to pass up, available for a limited time and designed to feed people into our long-term unlimited membership, which I knew meant major revenue growth for the long haul.    

Doors were only open for one week.  Even before the doors closed, I was too excited by all the sales I’d seen pouring in and just had to run my numbers!

In 2015, the week of June 28th to July 4th, I only made $543. (I told you it was a major slump!).   

In 2016…drumroll please…. I made $5,078!!!

“That’s right. I multiplied my revenue by TEN using the simplest and most inexpensive marketing I’d ever tried!”

Since then I’ve used The Client Cure strategies to run a daily Facebook ad campaign that has been the major driver of new clients into our studio. 

In the first month that I ran that ad, I saw a 45% jump in new clients. And that was in AUGUST – always the slowest month of the year for DC yoga studios, and mine is no exception.  Now, when I ask every new client how they found us,  the vast majority tell me it was because of this campaign.   

The best part, thanks to the success of my studio, I’ve expanded my work to include an artisan self-care line, Sanctuary, which includes soy candles, bath salts, and hydrating mist sprays. I’m also hosting my first yoga retreat in April of this year at the stunning Goodstone Inn, and am part of the line at the Wanderlust festival in Snowshoe, WV.

The Big Takeaway

Most traditional marketing doesn’t drive new clients into your business.  But, when you step into social media marketing and strategically use it, it can bring in new clients year round.  Always ensure these promotions have a purpose–to drive new clients onto long term recurring revenue packages that get results and your studio recurring income.  Goodbye Summer Time Slumps…Hello Freedom! 



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