From Surviving to Thriving: How to Double Your Income In Just 8 Weeks {In A Town of 15,000} Thanks To Finally Putting In Place An Education & Sales System

Centralia, WA called me home when I turned 30 years old, after years as a corporate executive in digital advertising and sales.  

It’s a town of just over 16,000 people, so certainly not the big city, and it had no alternative to the local gym which I noted with surprise when I returned home..  

After struggling with infertility, I realized maybe I was meant to instead birth a movement in our community that could combine my passions for dance and yoga and health and self development.  A beautiful older building had come available and my husband and I felt this was the place so we began renovations.

When Life Throws You {Glorious} Surprises

After nine months of dreaming and scheming and planning and renovating,, my business was ready to

open… then… the day before we opened our doors for the first time,I found out I was pregnant.

Those first few months I poured myself into not just making Embody successful, but to educating our community about what we were and what we were offering.  In this small conservative town, many people had never taken a yoga class (or even knew what it was!) let alone Nia – which is a core class offering and is my personal passion.

After nine months {and one new baby} I realized that I was nearing the end of the rope.  

The studio wasn’t profitable, our start-up cash had evaporated and I had one of two choices:  Quit or change.

So, as entrepreneurs often do, I took on  nearly all the roles in the business, baby in tow, and fought to make Embody succeed.  By hook and by crook it survived at the expense of all my time, energy and health.  

I was the chief graphic designer, workshop coordinator, teacher, boutique manager, sales person, marketer…and mom.  That’s more than one person is meant to handle.  

When I saw The Client Cure’s ad on Facebook there was no doubt that I was going to learn  every lesson possible, because I was done living this way.  

Going From Do-It-All to CEO

When I sat down with Lisé and her team, I realized two things.  

I HAD to get the help I needed and stop working 60+ hours a week to survive.

I needed a client-experience-driven sales system, that wasn’t salesy, to truly convert clients into long term customers and help them meet their long-term goals.  

You’d think because I had a sales background, that sales would just be natural for me and parts of it were, but I wanted a holistic process that could be used by me…or any other member of my team, which is exactly where The Client Cure’s Intentional Intake came in.  

Before we were simply asking some basic questions and offering a quick package.  There was no time to see what our clients really needed, to create a plan for them and to bring them into a long term practice.  

But, this educational process walked my new clients through their goals, their obstacles and my solution in a way nothing had before.  

I went from selling low cost 5-packs of classes to $1200 recurring revenue packages and, more importantly, my clients started seeing the results they’d been hoping for.  

The only problem?  How fast we grew.  

We doubled our monthly revenue and clientele between November of 2015 and January of 2016 and it’s only been growing from there.  

I’ve now hired a full-time boutique manager, additional teachers, supplemental support staff and I’m making the preparations to hire additional management in the studio. Looking forward,, I see a future of greater balance, allowing time for my family and other passions and personal projects. Our clients are thriving in our 30+ classes every week and we’ve opened the newest part of our business, our Wellness Center offering massage therapy.  We’ve even priced and packaged our therapy services based on The Client Cure so that everyone can get the ideal benefits from our business.  

The Big Takeaway

Sales is the core of every business, but it doesn’t have to be sleazy.  Putting in place an education model that teaches why your clients needs fit your services is the ideal solution.  Always look at the underutilized profit centers in your business.  These can add enormously to the bottom line and experience of your customers.


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