Build A Business That Works For You 
& Includes Plenty of Room for After-School Pickups


Pilates wasn’t the expected plan for me.But, after years of successfully building my corporate career, a sudden layoff made me start to look at what I really wanted to do.

I completed my Pilates certification with the intent of opening my own studio, and in 2009, my non-traditional studio, offering in-home privates and group classes, opened.  The business grew fast, and it wasn’t long before I needed to open a brick and mortar location. 

The first location was a tiny 600 square feet, but within 9 months, we outgrew that, and I took steps to relocate to my current location. 

Big Challenges

I’ve always had a strong client base, but in South Florida, 50% of my clientele were Snowbirds and were gone half the year. I never saw consistency in the other 50%. 

Because I always had demand, I expanded my services to include yoga, health coaching, and nutritional counseling. 

But, while I was successful on paper, bringing in multiple-6 figures, my profit margins were a dismal 6%, and that was with me working all the time…..not exactly the outcome I had planned.   

After my second daughter was born, there was only so much I could do to manage the studio, my kids, and my sanity. I remember watching Shark Tank; watching all these entrepreneurs inventing products which they could sell online and making millions of dollars. They weren’t trading their time for money.

I just remember thinking, “Now that’s how you run a business! You get your business to work for you even when you’re not there.”

I happened to watch one of Lisé’s webinars just six days after I increased my studio prices for the 1st time ever!  Before I even got off the webinar, I wrote her support line.

I was skeptical that her ideas for long-term packaging would work for me {remember that price increase 6 days before}. I thought my clients would never go for it. After all, they had just transitioned to higher prices, and they’d never been thrilled with the idea of commitment.

But, in the end, I realized the biggest resistance to it was my own.  I was going to have to step outside of my comfort zone if I was ever going to take my business to the next level.   

Two months later, I transitioned my clients to long-term, monthly packages. 

All those fears about no one doing it? That didn’t happen. 

And the Results

In fact, within the first month, my Average Client Monthly Value jumped from $80 to over $240 a month…essentially tripling my business without adding a single client. 

Over the next few months, my business grew at a rate I’d never imagined.

My profit margins soared from 6% to 30% {and I increased my salary on top of this}.  Lisé worked with me to negotiate with my landlord on a full remodel of my studio.  I hired a manager who’s continuing to rapidly grow the business.  And, I made an extra 70K in profit the first year alone. 

But, that’s not the best part. It’s having the freedom to stroll through the aisles of Target at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon WITHOUT my daughters, Stevie & Parker!   It’s being able to take an anniversary trip to Hawaii with my husband and loving every minute of it with no interruptions.     It’s not working during the summer while my kids are out of school, and enjoying my family and Florida sunshine. It’s when I sit down each night with a glass of wine and know that I’ve got the life I was meant to have. 

The Big Takeaway

Build long term packages.  It’s possible, even if you’ve just raised your rates, even if you believe no one will stay with you, and even if you’re scared out of your mind to do it! 

Find a way to have your business work for you.

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