Scale Back To Profit Up & Build An Epic Online Business As The Bonus

Why did I start doing fitness and Pilates?Breastfeeding was killing my neck and when someone mentioned it might help, my desperate self rushed to the nearest instructor. 

I was hooked from Day 1.  It was the one thing that let me combine the disciple of nursing and the athletics of figure skating, which was my background. 

Over a decade ago, I started my Pilates studio out of my home, which was the ideal way to start with 2 reformers, a barrel and a Cadillac living in a little room off the side of the house. 

For a few years it was perfect, but as a mom of 2 little kids who were always pawing at the door, it was less than ideal

What Happens When You Hit Survival Mode?

So, I got a brilliant idea to lease a 2,000 square foot space in the downtown  area of my little North Carolina town.

I signed the lease without running any numbers and without calculating how many clients I would need to take on to make a profit…which turned out to be a LOT more than I wanted to handle.

I survived 2 years, oftentimes paying to work, which isn’t great for a single mother.

I realized, I love teaching people, but am I great business person? Probably not. 

The hardest lesson was that I can’t be everything to everyone.

Working  hours for dollars isn’t just hard on your body…it’s a killer for the emotional side of you especially when it comes to family. 

If you’re a mom, how are you going to find balance and make enough money and feel like you have financial freedom?

As I worked with Lisé I realized it was time to find a smaller space and take it back to just being me.  So thanks to one move and a whole lot less rent, I managed to triple my monthly profits and take my life back. 

This gave me room to work on a project that I’m beyond excited online program, Burn and Firm Pilates.

The Big Takeaway

Sometimes we have to scale back before we can grow.  By controlling our Base Operating Expenses and expanding our profits, we can move into other areas of growth in our business, like an online component. 


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