Build a Studio as Strong as you are

We’re the industry’s premier boutique fitness consulting firm. We’ve helped thousands of clients in 40 countries. From studio inception to refining your business operations and member-base growth, our results-driven programs deliver.


With the combined knowledge of some of the brightest experts in boutique fitness, profit driven accounting, studio driven legal and human resources and a community of thousands of the best studio owners in the world, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Studio Grow’s

With tailored support and strategic, one-on-one and group coaching, we’ve built the Studio Grow Mastermind to be the MBA in boutique fitness you’ve always wanted and the community you’ve always needed.

Join us to Open Your Studio Profitably

Introducing Studio Grow's “Start Your Studio Profitably” Consulting Program! Led by industry experts, our personalized coaching tackles every challenge of launching a studio, from business planning to budgeting and branding. Join us to turn your dream into a successful reality.

Bespoke Consulting

Studio Grow’s team offers VIP coaching and crafts tailored plans for franchisors, franchisees or owners of multiple locations. Our collaborative approach ensures best practices that seamlessly streamline operations, refine business models and maximize revenue. 

The Business of Boutique Fitness Podcast

Over 500 episodes of everything you’ve ever needed for your studio.

Why Work with Us?

Because we are a team of wildly talented business brains, digital marketers, finance gurus, copywriters, and operations consultants who are passionate about health and fitness.

With decades of combined experience in the fitness industry, we KNOW where you are coming from and we can help you to grow your business into a profitable, sustainable, freeing empire.

We’ve started studios. We’ve bought studios. We’ve managed studios. We’ve sold studios for millions of dollars.

We know this industry like the back of our hand and know that regular “business coaching” might not always translate. We understand your clients, your challenges, and this unique market as it evolves rapidly.

Thousands of success stories in 40 countries

It’s not just a business coach telling you what to do. Studio Grow materials have been tested across thousands of studios across the world.

Julia Bowen

I have a trusted person and team of people that I can go to ask advice, because I know [Studio Grow] has done it, has lived it, and I know that they have the experience that will enable them to give me good advice.

Cat DeHaven

I still don’t think I’ve even scratched
the surface of how much they have to offer. It’s SO much. It’s worth every freaking penny.

Melynda Gates


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