Bespoke, 1:1, application-only marketing + operations consulting that will blow the roof off of your current growth.

We’re not mind readers, but we’re betting you want,

  • A business with systems that slay on your behalf,
  • To turn ‘success’ on its head, so that it doesn’t require 60+ hour weeks and ‘doing it all.’
  • Support from an expert team that will partner with you achieve your goals; whipping your business into shape so that it can run even when you’re not there.

Yes, we can get you that.

Our marketing and operations consulting is our most intimate, deep-diving, results-inciting service where we essentially join your team (without the 6 figure price tag of a full time consultant).

It’s high touch,
It’s high impact,
It’s high time you revamped your marketing and operations to be the massive growth machines that they are meant to be.

We’ll help.

Who are the brains behind this service? Our incredible team of expert consultants (not limited to the rockstars featured on our About Page) have decades of experience in marketing and operations specifically in the fitness and mindbody industry.

“My revenue increased by 50% in just 1 year. My business has completely transformed. Doing a month to month comparison of January 2016 & January 2017, my revenue increased by 50% in just 1 year.”

And my profit exploded (in the best way possible!). When I first started talking to Lisa, my profit was around 4% to 6%. Roughly. And now I’m over 25%.The extra profit allowed me to hire a full- time manager to help me with the daily sales and customer service. Now I have the time to focus on marketing & networking to grow my business.

We always had a client flow, but Lisa helped to fine tune it so that, when implemented correctly, the client acquisition was guaranteed. When they call, they book. When they book, they come in. When they come in, they buy. When they buy, they renew.”

Erin Haag



Our marketing consulting is a done with you service for digital advertising, offline marketing, and general lead generation. As a part of your team, you’ll understand and learn WHY we are implementing what we’re implementing and how you can do so in the future. We’ll revamp your current marketing strategy to bring in fresh clients—including promotion development, challenge creation, referral strategy, plus strategies to track incoming prospects and convert them into long term, diehard clients.

You can choose from short or long term engagements—both including varying levels of implementation, like:

  • Setting up your Google Analytics and Adwords so that every time a client searches for you, you’re there to say hello
  • Designing those complex, multi-faceted marketing campaigns that really work, so that you don’t have to
  • Building detailed client journeys in email, social and digital formats so your clients become raving evangelists
  • And, much more!



This is your unique chance to embed an operations director into your company to set it up to thrive for the long haul. This one on one consulting includes everything from the pricing and packaging of your services, to the systems our business runs on, to hiring and firing. We’re talking creating a solid foundation for the day-to-day processes that can make or break a business (and its bottom line).

We’ll help you:

  • Finetune your overall sales and profits {cause we know that’s why you’re really here}
  • Build extraordinary profitable packages and roll these out seamlessly to current and future clients alike
  • Hire the team to make this happen {and give you your life back}
  • Provide long-term training, accountability and support to your team so you can sit back and watch the profits happen
  • Develop full-fledged marketing calendars, promotions and strategies that are just right for your clients {Note: Limited Google Advertising implementation is included in this consulting package}

This time is your time to reach your highest goals and see your biggest dreams come true.

Ready to change the entire trajectory of your business… and never look back? Fill out an application here.

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