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You’ve flung those studio doors open. Your dream has been made real. You are still riding that high of “I DID THIS!” One small snafu: your marketing plans haven’t brought in the clients and revenue that you hoped and now you’re in need of some serious solutions to keep those doors open (and you from burning out). We’ve got some killer resources tailored to help you ditch the stuck plateau and grow your studio consistently.

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These are ALL about bringing in new clients and upping that revenue.

Episode #222

At first blush, it looks like Maura Vella had it easy when she started her first hot yoga studio 12 years ago. Her studio didn’t even have a sign out front a la a speakeasy, yet clients still flooded through her front door. Because her 105F studio was one of the very few places in […]

Episode #149

The biggest problem most studios think they have? Not enough marketing. One of the biggest problems we see that they have when we look at the numbers? Introductory packages that are failing to convert to long term clients. Why is that a big deal? Over the last two years, we’ve kept track of intro package […]

Episode #152

I’ve always believed that for someone to take the leap to open their first business, they’ve gotta be a little nutty. You might think you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start, but that’s just the thing… You’ll never truly know if it’s all going to pan out according to your vision until […]

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