Customizable & Editable Studio Employee Handbook Template



  • A 43-page comprehensive employee handbook that’s 100% editable to fit your studio’s unique vibe
  • By comprehensive, we mean comprehensive – the handbook comes with sections on:
    • Employment Policies
    • Employment Guidelines
    • Ethical Responsibilities
    • Pay, Work Hours, Performance
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Standard of performance and Code of Conduct
  • Take the stress out of creating a handbook that’s detailed and to-the-point WHILE still representing your business and brand

Why do I need this anyway?

An employee handbook is serious business. 

It’s one of the first official documents new employees will see and needs to balance being welcoming and inviting with being informative and succinct. 

First impressions matter, y'all.

But with how busy studios are right now (and how long handbooks need to be), you may not have the time to put together one that ticks all the right boxes. 

And that’s where we come in!

With our Customizable and Editable Studio Employee Handbook Template, you get a comprehensive, 43 page, handbook template with everything your employees would need to know about working at your studio. 

We’ve also made the handbook customizable so you can inject a healthy dose of your studio’s personality and get those unique details down. 

Make a great handbook a staple in your employee onboarding!