All About the Introductory Offer

Earlier this year, I spoke about the 7 lessons we learned in 2019’s deep dive and one thing we really focused on is how you should be rethinking your intro offer.

Well, today’s episode is all about the ever-evolving introductory offer! It’s the first real taste a client gets of your studio, and boy, do you want to make it good. It sets the tone for all future interactions with your studio, and let’s be real, an intro offer can make or break your studio, so this episode’s an important one.

And remember, all intro offers need to be four things – Sexy, Sticky, Standardized, and Scheduled.

Join me as we go through what that actually looks like, and the 5 introductory offer packages that are tried-and-tested-and-proven to work.

Grab a pen and your notebook, y’all. This one’s going to be good. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How (and why) my introductory offer continues to change even now in 2020
  • What I feel is the ideal introductory offer to use, and the 4 rules to go by when creating one
  • What to focus on to make your offer “sticky” (and what exactly this means!)
  • How a standardized offer will provide clarity to your members
  • Why it needs to be scheduled
  • The 5 introductory packages that are working extraordinarily well for our team right now


With grit & gratitude,


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