The Studio {and Coach} Starter Kit: Profits

Does it ever seem like the profits you want are elusive? Almost like an ex-friend who’s avoiding you at every turn? Or your child just before bedtime? For some of people the profits are at break even. For others, the profits goals are to leap into the 6 or 7 figure range.

Frankly, my dear your profits don’t give a d***, if you’re going to be a millionaire or an average joe. They’re reliant on you having built a full system to run your business. Hate to burst your bubble, but fantastic sales, great retention, or perfect base operating expenses on their own just aren’t enough. You’ve got to get the whole package to maximize your profits.

You and I both know this takes more working parts, than I can write about today. And, to be frank, if you have your pricing and persuasion down, your profits have a very good chance of being better than average. But, to take this one more level down, let’s chat about metrics.

Metrics are the numbers we can glean from the actions of your business. That wasn’t very layman like, so let me dig in a little deeper. Nearly everything your business does can be tracked in number form. For studios and coaches, this might include your gross sales, your client retention, your Average Cost Per Client, even your newest Facebook ad conversion average.

For most people, metrics are the Fire Swamp and these individual numbers are our Rodents of Unusual Size {Princess Bride, y’all}. In other words, we view these numbers as something that’s attacking us. We run from them rather than learn from them.

But, if we’re going to learn anything from companies that are growing in leaps and bounds like Amazon or Zappos, these metrics need to be the foundation of our business.

I have two must-have metrics that directly impact your profits:

1. Your Average Client Monthly Value: If you’ve been on a webinar with me chances are this metric has come up. It’s my best friend in my business.

The metric is simple. Amount of Monthly Revenue/Amount of Active Clients That Month=Average Client Monthly Value.

What you get from this metric is the exact amount each client is worth you to your business every month. A few things affect this: your pricing, your sales, your products, your retention, how frequently a client attends.

The single best way to change your profits is to change this number. The higher each individual client value grows, the more profitable you will grow.

Action Plan: Find this metric out today and set where you want it to grow to!

2. Your Average Session ROI: Whether you or an instructor is teaching, each session you have has a return on investment. We tend to view what we earned as an hourly wage. This isn’t exactly true. Some products will innately be more profitable than others.

Generally, this comes down to your marketing dollars, your time value and your energy spent.

Your Marketing dollars require one question. How much does it cost you to bring each new client in?

Your Time Value that’s a different story, especially if you’re the boss. When you consider the value of your time in your best products, how much are you worth? This is the value you should place on your time across all of your products.

*Just to clarify, since I often get asked about what does it look like when you startup…when you startup a business, it’s a lot of work and a lot of testing to see what is and is not going to be profitable for you. Don’t just judge. Really dig in and see what works in your business.

Your Energy Spent…oh my, if only had 1/10th of the energy I’ve put out into the world. By energy I don’t necessarily mean some cosmic force. I mean the time, the frustration, the passion, the creativity that goes into each session.

When you pour your heart into growing your client, you expend energy that could be used in many other ways. What’s that worth do you? Some of us have seemingly endless supplies, while others are depleted easily. For me it’s very product oriented. I can teach unlimited yoga classes and be off the charts energized, but a few tough private Pilates clients and I want to run for cover.

If you’re wanting to dive into Profits just a little deeper, be sure to join me for our BRAND NEW {I get excited} Free Workshop on November 11th @ 12pm Eastern Time, “How to Fill Your Business to Wait List Capacity in 90 Days {With Your Dream Clients}}. It’s going to be fantastic!


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