3 Non Traditional Studio’s You Can Start Today With Your Yoga and Pilates Certification

You got certified…cue champagne bursts, cheering crowds and confetti everywhere. And, you were sure this certification was going to lead to big things. And, it has—lots of big classes in lots of studios with lots of travel time. The only thing that hasn’t come in “lots” is money, and you’re scared this investment isn’t going to ever be able to support you full-time.


A brick and mortar studio just doesn’t appeal to you. It’s too much right now in your life, but there has to be an alternative out there. Besides, you’re ready to make yoga or Pilates your full time job .


Then it occurs to you. Oh yes, the non-traditional studio. This is where I began my business with a “floating studio” within a multi-billion dollar technology company. My studio and its employees arrived, set up our studio and left all within a few hours each day. My brick and mortar was a large empty room and the occasional conference room for larger classes. My props were limited and creativity was key.


Our footprint was transient, only there when we had classes and students scheduled, but our business model was brilliant once I found systems that I could build this on. {On a side note…the first year without systems was not brilliant and it’s proof that these models requires the most structure}.


There are three non-traditional studios that are fabulous business models within our current industries.


  1. Private Yoga Instruction: I’ve called this the personal training model, but in reality this is yoga at it’s most traditional. Think of a student hundreds of years ago who sat before his teacher and intimately learned the art of yoga. It wasn’t until recently that group classes began to dominate the market.  Private yoga instruction can be done in-house, in-studio, at a client’s workplace or home. This will appeal to certain client types, often busy people with expendable income, who are willing to pay a premium to have all your attention. The instructors who love this often thrive on having their attention focused on one client at a time…it can be an energy relief after group classes.   Many Pilates instructors already follow this model, but for those who don’t consider it today!
  2. Floating Corporate Model: This is where my story begins. This studio is often a combination of private classes with limited props and group classes. Your studio space if non-traditional and often squeezed into empty rooms within large companies. Before work, lunchtime and after work are primary times, but the larger the corporation, the more likely you are to book clients though-out the workday. The instructors who love this often need a more traditional workday and will relish having limited overhead and higher profits from day one.
  3. In Home Studio: If we were to rewind time fifty years, nearly all studio settings took place in the home of the practitioner. For modern in-home studios this can be anything from an open loft in NYC to an above garage studio in the suburbs. The key is that your overhead is greatly reduced as is your commute. As appealing a 10 yard commute is this can often lead to a blurring of boundaries, the willingness to set appointments all over your calendar since it’s just next door and an inability to turn off work mode. The key to making an In Home Studio work, is to set your boundaries firmly today and stick with them. It’s easy to sacrifice your personal life based on convenience and just one more client, so be sure to stand firm. Instructors who love this will be highly motivated and lucky enough to have a bit of room to spare!

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