4 People. 4 Very Different Incomes. 4 Very Different Mindsets

How much money do you make?

How much money do you want to make?

Do you have debt?  A lot or little?  Positive debt {going towards something that’s appreciating} or Negative debt {going towards something that’s depreciating}?

How many credit cards do you have?  Do you pay them off in full each month?


And, finally the big one…how happy are you?


Let’s be honest.  Money is a big deal.


The way we treat it often determines how well we’ll live and enjoy our lives, if our businesses will succeed, and the peace that we hold every night when we go to bed.


Over the years, I’ve spent time with a lot of very poor and very wealthy people and their mindsets are as different as the financial divide between them.  You may not care whether or not you’ll be a millionaire, but likely you do care how you’ll feel when you open up your bank account.  Are you proud, at peace, anxious, afraid?  How are you treating money.


{Fact} I have done a lot of work on my money mindset over these last 10 years.  I was the kid who signed up for a credit card on my first day of college {not a wise move}.  This money work taken me from grasping for money and foolish spending to  having zero negative debt and money in the bank to invest at will.


So take a peek at this fantastic article on four people at very different places in the financial spectrum….their mindsets may just help you figure out where yours needs to be!


With Grit and Gratitude,



PS.  While we’re hard at work on the initial 12 podcast episodes this month, I’ll be sharing some items that blew my mind, rather than doing traditional articles.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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