Meet Chesley Long: Yogi, Business Owner, and Camp Director!

What do you get when you combine sleepovers, s’mores and yoga? The ultimate grown-up camping experience, that sells out with ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY people at your very first retreat, of course! If you’re passionate about community building, yoga, and gorgeous destinations, then bust out those AirPods because this episode will get all the gears […]

Movement + Mamas + Lauren Shields = Meraki Mama

As a former ballerina, Lauren had this incredible passion for movement, and as a mother, she’s all about supporting women through the entire process of bringing mini-humans into the world. In this incredibly inspiring episode, join Lauren as she shares how she developed her vision for her studio by combining both of her passions into […]

Meet Niki Riga: Studio Owner, Dancer, and Barre Instructor

How do you get a studio off the ground in an ultra-competitive market? It’s all about that sticky factor. Today, we’re going to unpack what makes your message resonate with students so they keep coming back. Meet Niki Riga, from Flex Fusion Studios. Niki instantly caught my eye with her unconventional approach to studio ownership. […]

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