Meet Kristi Cooper: Instructor, Studio owner, Youtube star.

Today we’re joined by Kristi Cooper, the co-founder of Pilates Anytime and Yoga Anytime. Ten years ago, Kristi was an instructor at a traditional studio when she stumbled upon a Youtube video that would change her life. Listen in as Kristi shares how one video sparked the idea of building an online Pilates library — […]

Deciphering Your Money Stories

What are the money stories you create? You might be surprised to learn how you really view money. Believe it or not, our money mindset goes all the way back to childhood. And today, we’re going to dive in real deep into the experiences that shaped us and children and crack the code into your […]

Money, Mindsets, and Marriage

We’ve been talking about money for a few weeks now, but now we’re turning up the heat, today, Dan and I are giving you a front row seat in our marriage as we bare it all. Sometimes as business owners, we aren’t always given advice on what a journey growth and scaling really is and […]

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