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Reopening & Retraining Your Brain About Retail – Part 2

What does the future of boutique fitness retail look like? Y’all, welcome back to Part 2 of our discussion on all things retail with Matt and Rosie from 33Threads.  Last week, we spoke about why retail is so important for studios who are reopening right now, its incredible profit-driving potential, and the biggest retail mistakes […]

Reopening & Retraining Your Brain About Retail

Ya’ll, 2020 has been a crazy year mixed with concern and fear of the unknown for everyone.  As we continue to tackle the idea of reopening studios around the world, feelings of doubt surrounding operations and revenue have certainly crept into the back of our minds.  Join me this week as I kick off the […]

The Quarantine State of Mind

Y’all, I’ve filmed and refilmed this episode countless times.  Why? Because I’ve been living in the ‘Quarantine State of Mind’ for the past few months. And I’m still not out of it.  As I suspect any of you are.  And I’m not sure if it’s okay to talk about leaving the state of mind while […]

Aesha Ash and the Power of Image

Images are doggone powerful.  We come across ones that stop us in our tracks nearly every day. Images that shock us and inspire a visceral reaction.  It’s never ‘just an image.’  Especially when you’re a minority.  Growing up in Rochester, New York, today’s guest, Aesha Ash, quickly realized she was different. An inner city girl, […]

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