Meet Jenny Houston. From Student to Studio Owner to all around Boss

Meet Jenny Houston, the founder of Poser YOGA studio, and the woman who turned a one-room yoga studio in Port Angeles into a multi-location powerhouse sans pixie dust. Join us as Jenny walks us along her phenomenal journey from yoga teacher to studio owner. And if one thing’s for sure, Jenny doesn’t hold back. This […]

Lessons from F45: the Starbucks of the fitness industry

Y’all, you are in for a treat. Three years ago, I had my very first client tell me about a cutting edge concept called F45 was exploding on the Australian fitness scene. Today, we’re looking at how that Australian franchise is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world, and breaking […]

Meet Erin Caudill and Learn How She Grew Her Practice to Multiple Locations

Have your headphones ready for this one? Because let me tell you, it’s seriously inspirational. Today we’re joined by Erin Caudill, who is the co-founder of Re+active Physical Therapy & Wellness. Re+active has an incredible story. They started off by spotting in the market: millions of people nationwide are affected by neurological disorders,  but until […]

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