Podcast Episode 005: 5 Steps to a $104,000 Promotion {On a Budget}

When I had multiple businesses, I was constantly running promotions.

Some would last a month, some would last 6 weeks. There was no rhyme or reason why I was promoting something except to get people in the door.

But promotions are SO much work and I just had enough.

In 2012, we decided no more pushing, promoting, selling all the time.

We wanted to use scarcity to our advantage so only allowed for 3 promotions a year. Not only did we do less amount of promotions, but we also ran them for shorter amount of time.

And the result? Multiple 6 figure sales.

What we discovered was that we would build so much momentum and customers had a really strong sense of missing out. People came rushing through our doors!

Want to hear how we structure our promotions for this level of success?

Listen to Episode 005: 5 Steps to Planning a 6 Figure Promotion

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to pull customers in the door using scarcity without feeling sleazy. Scarcity is the #1 reason people buy so you better use it!
  • What my formula is to find small smaller layers of expectations to determine how many new clients you need to reach to get to your revenue goal. No more random actions. I want to empower you to take intentional action.
  • Why it’s important to track what percentage of your advertising is coming from which medium. There are so many tools that we have at our disposal today can help us do just that.
  • How important recognitions and rewards are for your staff and how it boosts productivity. This can happen a variety of ways – not just money.

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