Podcast Episode 007:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of our First 9 Months {and first 500K}

Do you spend too much time making things juuuuust right before you put them out there?

I struggle to this day trying to get over my perfectionism paralysis.

It began when I invested $5,000 for my website before I even officially “started” my business.

This was a HUGE investment for me.

We laid out an initial brand, and my website became the biggest thing I was concerned with.

Here’s where the mistake happened. I wanted to make sure I never experienced website shame and I could come out the gate running.

I signed the initial contract on August 5th, paid my first payment on August 12, and my website wasn’t done until MARCH of the next year because it was completely custom.

Seven months were wasted just because I was consumed with having a perfect website. I lost 7 months of foundation for my website.

Get something out there rather than delay for perfection.

That’s just one of the many lessons I learned during my first 9 months of business.

So listen to Episode 007 and hear more of the first year hurdles I had to face. I’m sure we have similar stories….

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • How building a foundation for your business starts long before you open the doors to your first clients
  • My pre-business phase fell into four categories: How do I start? What do I really want to provide for my customers? How do I create revenue and how do I actually launch this business?
  • Why hiring a coach turned out to be an exceptional investment for me (and can be for you too)
  • Trying to be too perfect with my initial website delayed me 7 whole months, and cost me valuable time in creating the foundation for my business
  • When starting any business, you really need one core product that you will refine down to make exceptional
  • There are three crucial steps to building an online course, including a massive “brain dump”, creating a flow chart and beta testing the first version
  • Why you need to be really cautious with who you’re investing in when putting out cash early on
  • There are 6 critical lessons I learned in doing my first webinars and beta test
  • What key improvements I made when doing my first “real” launch and still more lessons I learn to keep perfecting the launch process
  • There is almost always money being left on the table when pricing product – be confident about your value


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