Podcast Episode 32: The 4 Objections You Will Encounter: Here’s How You Answer Them

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – it can really bum you out when you hear an objection from someone.

Especially after you’ve added so much value talking about your pricing, your services, your proposal, and suddenly you’re smacked with “what about this?”

The best way I’ve come to think of it is that those objections are just my client’s deepest desires.

They are JUST questions. That’s it. They don’t mean that your client isn’t interested in buying.

Your transformation is going to bring up a lot of underlying issues and you want to expect that. Whenever there’s change, there’s going to be resistance.

There are really only 4 main objections you’re going to come across in business and I’ve got 4 steps to conquer them all.

On Episode 032, you’ll learn:

  • Objections are only questions
  • Objections do not always mean “no”
  • This is the best way to handle time objections
  • How to address the objection of not being a good fit and the underlying issues that may have led to this thought
  • What is the objection of desire?
  • How significant others have on impact or decisions
  • How the question of affordability could stem from a poor value conversation
  • Improving your customer intake process propels your business into a higher rate of success

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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