Podcast Episode 34: Ways to Wealth: Purchasing Your Next Property

Are you an HGTV junkie like I am?

Do you dream of buying properties and fixing them up to become gorgeous homes?

Joanna Gaines has my ultimate dream job {Fixer Upper, anyone?}.

I have a ton of experience in real estate dating back through my family’s history.

Both my parents are super savvy about investing in properties and making sure to see a return later down the road.

So it was no surprise that after their first commercial real estate purchase, they were able to sell it a few years later for the exact price they named.

You can significantly increase your wealth by investing wisely in commercial and residential real estate.

It may sound scary if you are in a place right now where you’re upside in mortgage payments. But hear me on on this episode.

In Episode 034, you’ll learn:

  • Why your home must be viewed as an asset (be weary of the emotional attachment you have with your home)!
  • Why and when renting becomes a better option than buying
  • Be mindful of land development when buying a home
  • Check on the school zones before purchasing a home even if you do not have children
  • Why should you look to see if the home you’re purchasing is rentable
  • Tips on home renovations prior to buying
  • What being a landlord really means and what property managers can do for you
  • Tips on mortgage and repayments
  • What is a passive income tax benefit?
  • Tips on commercial real estate properties

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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