Podcast Episode 37: What $72,315 of Facebook Ad Spend Has Taught Me

Facebook Ads.

Two words that make people either shrill with excitement or cringe with disgust.

I’m definitely the one who gets excited when it comes to Facebook Ads.

In my businesses, I’ve gladly spent over $72,000 in Facebook Ads. My husband Dan about had a heart attack when he saw this for the first time.

But then, I showed him what our return on investment was and he was shocked.

Facebook Ads have become a no-brainer for me and my businesses.

Before Facebook Ads were an opportunity (about 5-6 years ago), I would spend money on traditional advertising platforms like newspapers and magazines.

I would throw money at those random free magazines stands, hoping and praying people would pick one up and see our ads.

Meanwhile, I was posting on Facebook just as a daily update and blog opportunity. I saw great returns when people would click those posts and become customers.

So when the organic reach was dwindling, I knew that if I spent my ad budget on Facebook, it would get me much better returns than those traditional advertising routes. It truly was a no-brainer.

To be able to get the same return on investment that I was getting from Facebook ads for $72,000, I would’ve spent $350,000 with traditional advertisers. I call that the bargain of the century!

Want to know how Facebook Ads have worked for me?

Listen into Episode 037 and you’ll learn:

  • The difference between Facebook ads and other advertising media
  • What are the four components to a successful Facebook marketing funnel?
  • What is a giveaway lead magnet?
  • How to target specific neighborhoods with your Facebook ads
  • What is retargeting and how does it work?
  • All about Facebook pixel installation
  • The best ways to use promo reminder ads
  • Why you should start using video within your Facebook ads

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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