Podcast Episode 38: A Deep Dive Into Building A Thriving Non-Profit In Less Than One Year

I’ve got some special guests on the show, spotlighting the incredibly overwhelming sex trafficking problem in the United States.

Jeff Keith & Jeff Tiegs of Guardian Group are with me today. They have a nonprofit that is operated employ special ops veterans to assist law enforcement in combating sex trafficking of minors in the United States.

This may not be the most exciting topic, but it doesn’t make it less important.

I know you probably are passionate about certain charities or initiatives. Maybe you’ve even thought about starting a nonprofit to bring about opportunities and change.

Don’t let people fool you – you can run a successful nonprofit and still make money. There are just a few distinct differences, but generally the numbers can be the same.

Both Jeffs expressed how creating a 10 year plan was absolutely crucial in order to make the big changes they wanted to.

During their special ops training, they didn’t see a targeted map of missions – they saw a globe. They were taught early on to leverage their capabilities to accomplish more.

Listen into Episode 038 and you’ll learn:

  • What is Guardian Group?
  • How the skills sets used in Special Ops relates to the skills needed in the human trafficking industry in the United States
  • Why is this topic so taboo to talk about?
  • This is how predators lure children
  • Why there is a focus in bringing all different teams together to stop this demand
  • How is the hospitality and travel industry involved?
  • How to quantify success in a non-profit organization
  • How to get engaged or donate through Guardian Group to help these children

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé Kuecker

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