Podcast Episode 41: A Look Back at 2016 {and what I’m planning for 2017}

Guys, I love being back home in Louisiana because it immediately brings me back to my formative years.

Diving into science fair projects and talking with my mom about my purpose – it all comes rushing back to me as I sit at the very dining room table of my childhood home.

So looking back, this year was a game changer. And it was all because of  these 3 actions I took.

Action #1 – I sold all of our brick and mortar companies.

Nine years ago, I built these companies creating massive impact on the communities we were in.

I really only had 1 reason for beginning this journey – it was for my companies to be a profit center and become our family’s nest egg.

We weren’t out to buy fancy 500 feet yachts. We just wanted the freedom to explore the world and teach my son how to give from what we were blessed with.

It truly was a hard time for me to let go of my teams and the communities we touched. But with what was coming next with my child, Remy’s schooling and my husband potentially retiring soon, we needed to make a change. We knew it was time to move on.

Action #2 – We built an online business that had a revenue of over $500,000 in 11 months.

I’m taking a deep breath as I say this because it has been a whirlwind of an experience. Seeing the success of this business has been remarkable and exciting to watch.

We built this one step by step on a very thoughtful foundation.

I’m a girl with a purpose and I wanted to help businesses get to where they want to be. Whether they were just starting out, had $3,000 a month in revenue or were making millions, I knew we could massively impact their businesses.

And that impact grows past just the business owners. It affects their teams, clients, their client’s families, and beyond.

I love leaving a legacy that extends way farther than myself.

And last, Action #3 – I worked loosely with people in a private capacity.

I love working with people and talking with people. And to see the change myself, it brought such delight into my life. This truly is where my high is as a business owner.

Those 3 actions happened because of 5 specific reasons. And I’m going to share those on the podcast today.

Listen in to Episode 41 and you’ll learn

  • How my journey lead me to my purpose
  • What do you want to leave as you legacy?
  • The importance of listening to the market
  • Why you have to know and own your worth
  • What does “riches are found in niches” mean?
  • My biggest regrets over the last couple years and how I’ve learned from them
  • What is on the horizon in 2017?

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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