Podcast Episode 45: Crash & Learn with Trivinia Barber

Crash & Learns are where I interview an entrepreneur about a time that they probably don’t want to talk about – a total business failure.

This week, I’m talking to the wonderful Trivinia Barber of Priority VA, who has not only worked with high end online personalities, but also been a mom of 4 wonderful children.

She walks us through the very beginning from 13 ½ years ago to today as a 7-figure business owner.

Listen in on Episode 44 and you’ll learn

  • What are virtual assistants capable of doing?
  • Why virtual assistants is an industry and not a position
  • How to overcome your lack of trust in others in order to grow your business
  • Why processes and systems are just as important as hiring for character and temperament
  • How Trivinia’s “crash and learn” helps her be more deliberate in the business choices she makes (and helps her serve her clients better)
  • You can create struggle for yourself by not staying true to your ideal client

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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