Podcast Episode 49: 6 Missed Opportunities in 2016 {and How to Make Them Happen in 2017}

Most people at the end of the year focus on all the great things that happened or where they could’ve done better.

I’m going to share a new viewpoint that is quite different than both of those and that’s the missed OPPORTUNITIES from this past year.

But what are opportunities really?

Opportunities are a good chance at advancement or progress.

Sound great right?

They are kind of scary to talk about because it’s showing where you might have dropped the ball or should’ve shifted in your business.

It is great though to look back on the past year with as many perspectives as possible because you always want to improve.

Every time we unpack anything in our business (launches, promotions, 90 day sprints), it’s important to ask ourselves, “ What is out there that we could’ve done very differently and seen great change?”

These are things that I can have with 95% certainty that would equate to major effect on my business.

We either failed to do them or we could’ve done much better.

Are you curious to know what I found were my 6 missed opportunities in 2016?
You might be surprised as they could  be similar to what yours are too!

Listen into Episode 049 and you’ll learn:

  • Missed opportunities are the closest thing to a “sure hypothesis” (hear why)…
  • Email marketing isn’t dead, and is an extremely powerful tool
  • Why you need to segment your list by the prospect’s action, problem and journey
  • What is the ascension model and what does it look like in a product suite?
  • Elite level programs and services are something to always keep in mind to offer
  • How building a faculty of team members to teach and educate your clients is key
  • List building happens every day (not just during a launch)
  • Using quizzes can drive huge amounts of leads into your business
  • 20% of your business can come from literally anywhere – leave room for “magic”!

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P.S. – Want to prioritize your missed opportunities for 2017? Listen into Todd Herman’s free video series where he walks you through his 90 Day Year framework. You won’t want to miss out!

With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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