Podcast Episode 52: The #1 Reason Most Facebook Ads Fail

I’m going to talk about Target (because really – who doesn’t love Target?)

Target is a store with a TON of different products. But Target doesn’t just expect you to start at the front of the store and aimlessly walk around the store to find what you need.

You look up and see those big red signs with white lettering to tell you the categories. Those categories get you much closer to finding what you’re looking for than just stepping foot in Target.

A lot of you are running ads that direct people to your homepage. This is the equivalent of dropping them off at the front of the store with no red signs, expecting them to find what they are looking for.

And this leads to them bouncing right off your site.

That’s the #1 reason your ads aren’t working.

So how do you give your customers little red signs?

Enter landing pages. This is a specific page that continues the conversation talked about in the ad to guide your leads right where they want to go.

So then you might be asking, “Can I just use a page on my site as a landing page?”

And the answer is no for multiple reasons.

One is that you don’t want a landing page to have navigation on it. Your landing page should only have ONE place for them to go – and that’s to give their email address or buy.

And another is that you want to also stay on ONE topic – the topic they came from the ad to discuss.

Want to make sure your landing page has what it takes to be successful?

Listen into Episode 052 and you’ll learn

  • What is the definition of a landing page?
  • The reasons why you shouldn’t use your home page as your landing page
  • How to use headlines, subheads, bullets and “call to actions” on your landing page
  • Why your market and your message need to match
the benefits of split-testing your landing pages
  • Why adding video to your landing page can make a HUGE difference!

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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