Podcast Episode 53: Want To Build a Long Lasting Relationship With Your Customer? Use These Communication Rules

Uh oh. You were supposed to send a blog post out today.

Which means you also have to send out an email to tell your list about it and a Facebook post too.

That scenario happens way too often for us business owners.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to prospect and client communication, it’s not enough to look one day, one week or one month ahead.

Because every Facebook post, every message, every communication, every email is slowly, setting up a much bigger relationship, a bigger level of your business.

And if you don’t prioritize your client communication, you won’t build the relationships with them that you so desperately want to.

There are so many channels you’re communicating with your audience.

And I know that nearly all of these aren’t being utilized to their full potential because well let’s face it – without the million dollar marketing department to back you up it’s easy to leave this behind.

I’m someone that creates a full-blown communication calendar. While my random bursts of communication may have gotten some great engagement, it didn’t lead to my business really being built.

They weren’t leading to client engagement and sales. They were building my brand, but not from a strategic place. It was growing much more slowly than it could have.

Want to start putting together your communication calendar?

Listen into Episode 053 and you’ll learn

  • What is strategic communication?
  • The different types of customers you have
  • Why different communications tactics affect different parts of your
  • business
  • What do I mean by layering communication?
  • The value of newsletters, emails, Instagram, Facebook and blogs
  • How marketing themes can make a big impact on your business
  • Why doing promotions on a whim is not good strategy
  • Get tips on how to identify which platform your audience is using
  • What is cross-marketing on different platforms and how does it work?
  • What are my elements of content?
  • Have fun and inspire!

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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