Podcast Episode 70: {Epic Mindset Shifts} Avoiding the People Pleaser Plague

I’m talking about a mini mindset shift lesson today to break through something that may be holding you back in your business.

The fact of the matter is, we provide names to ourselves each and every day. Subconsiously, even. I’m not talking about your given name.

It’s who you are, how you behave, what you do.

Some are incredibly positive….


You’re so beautiful.

You’re so strong.

You’re a great teacher.


And others….they’re the kinds of names that hold us back every single day.


You’re not good at talking to people.

You aren’t meant to be on stage.

You can’t achieve that kind of success.


So over the years, I’ve started deciphering my names.

My parents used to call me creative and free-spirited which actually has held me back in a lot of ways (not intentional from my parents, I’m sure).


Listen into Episode 070 and you’ll learn:

  • How we carry the name that was given to us into our adulthood (and how this can hold us back)
  • The way we can rewrite the names that we have given ourselves, today.

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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