Podcast Episode 71: From Blog to Book- Turning Your Blog Into An Entrepreneurial Building Block

I want to take you back 6 years to to my friend Gretchen Brown’s kitchen.

She was just starting her blog Kumquat and I got to be her guinea pig with recipes.

Now, Gretchen is a registered dietician with experience in recipe development and food styling for big corporations like Weight Watchers and Cooking Light. So to say she knew what she was doing was a total understatement.

She started her blog because she found out she was Celiac.

Did you start a business from a personal struggle you had? I’ve heard time and time again how entrepreneurs started their business out of fulfilling their own need.

And boy this was a need that more than just Gretchen had.

I also suffer from Celiac so I personally benefitted from this amazing blog.

Before this blog and many others, being told you had to be gluten-free was a death sentence. It was being told you were going to be eating cardboard carbs the rest of your life.

So the fact that Gretchen was able to create such tasty treats was mind-blowing to me!

Gretchen kept it really simple starting out, which will be such a relief for y’all to hear.

Listen into Episode 071 and you’ll learn:

  • How Gretchen started a blog for personal reasons and ended up where she is today!
  • Starting out, your business doesn’t require state of the art software or equipment
  • How a blog was able to bring massive opportunities to Gretchen
  • Blogs are creating and serving people in AMAZING ways
  • How is a blog, in certain ways, like an online portfolio?
  • Being an author can give credibility to you
  • Learn more about how Gretchen supports other bloggers
  • How this career has given Gretchen freedom when it comes to being a family in the military
  • Why comparison can be a hard thing to not get trapped into


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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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