Podcast Episode 74: 5 Surveys That Will Drive Your Sales Up, Write Your Marketing Copy For You and Save You 10’s of Thousands of Dollars in Creating The Perfect Product

It’s the year of the survey.

What does that mean? It means it’s time to talk to your customers where they are at.

And what better way than to ask them.

Your customers and clients are potentially struggling with the same problem.

It could be they all want to lose weight. It could be they want to have more clients. It could be they want to travel the world more.

But they are struggling with those goals for different reasons.

Let’s look at people wanting to lose weight. One person may say they are struggling to lose weight because they can’t find time to get to the gym. Someone else may say they are trying to get over their sugar cravings. Another person will say that eating healthy is too expensive.

All of these people are in the same situation, but experiencing very different struggles.

That’s where the power of surveying comes in.

Surveys can help you reach people where they are struggling.

Now before you start to think it’s just a place for people to vent their problems, I’m going to challenge your thinking. Surveys can be a positive growth force in your business.

Listen into Episode 074 and you’ll learn:

  • Peoples’ perspectives on certain things can vary, and this year is the year of the survey!
  • Surveys are not just for negative feedback about your business but to identify what your customers want to see in your business
  • How modern surveys can help you speak directly to the various types of clients you have
  • That surveys affect your gross sales
  • How your customers and be your copywriters
  • What is the difference between a detractor and an attractor?


Ryan Leveque – The Ask Method

The work of Professor Sterling Bone

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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