Podcast Episode 79: {Epic Mindset Shifts}This Is Why I Stopped Shopping For the Cheapest Leads and Started Embracing Higher Cost Marketing {With Way Bigger Returns}

There are two reasons why I decided to stop shopping for the cheapest leads.

When I got started marketing my business, I wanted to be exposed to as many people as possible.

I wanted everyone to know me, see me, want to work with me!

I embraced the more is more approach, as in the more people who heard me, the more chances for my brand to stick along with more abilities to really really grow this business.

It meant that I had tons of people coming to me, but really weren’t the right fit for my business.

This results in a waste of marketing dollars.

And when I started looking at my numbers, I thought there’s got to be a better way.

My team was wasting so much time weeding out the wrong people.

We really wanted to find that IDEAL person.

So listen into Episode 079 and you’ll learn:

  • Why I invested in higher priced marketing, instead of looking for the cheap deal!
  • How I was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and attracting people who weren’t the right fit for my business
  • How I discovered “less is more”
  • How to calculate your Average Lifetime Client Value
  • How to map out your revenue sources and how to understand their thresholds

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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