Podcast Episode 82: {Epic Mindset Shifts} You Suck at Sales {And What To Do About It}

I hear this mindset problem over and over and over again with my clients and entrepreneurial friends.

“Lisa, I’m so good at knowing my product. I’m so good at knowing my client. I’m so good at understanding the numbers behind this. I maybe even understand my marketing, but I just suck at sales.”

I will look at them and they are truly talented people. I can see what they can’t, which is that they are amazing educators. People who can teach their clients anything. That’s all you really need when it comes to sales.

Something is just holding them back.

And it reminds me of my college graduation. I graduated and moved right away up to Boston Massachusetts. I thought I was going to move forward with getting my masters, but decided to take a leap into the real world instead.

When I made that decision, I was given the advice to get some sales experience because I would need it in the real world. (Always good to trust your 21 year old friends….)

I took a sales job into a low-end technical industry and found that in the very first time in my life, I faced failure.

It wasn’t across the board. My clients that were CTOs had me at the top of the sales leader board every time. But if I just went out to cold call and sell products, I just couldn’t do it.

I actually left that job after about 8 months and started my first company. And I felt like I can do everything I need to do, just don’t ask me to sell. It just wasn’t in my “wheelhouse.”

That was very similar to how my clients were feeling.

Listen into Episode 082 and you’ll learn:

  • Why it is so important to educate your clients
  • Sales is NOT about being an epic persuader!
  • Why one of the most pivotal part of sales is asking questions
  • What is the one crucial foundation of sales?
  • Why save your sales for the end?

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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