Podcast Episode 86: Here’s Exactly What Installing The Wrong Technology At My Company Did {And What My Must Use Tech Resources Are}

Outside of growing from a sole business owner to a team, there has been no bigger bottleneck, money waster and headache inducing troubles than bringing the wrong technology into my business…

Sometimes it’s been the right tech, but the wrong time. Sometimes it’s just paying for the most expensive software way too prematurely.

But most often, it was a problem in systems and hiring that I thought could be magically fixed by a new technology….

FYI, this normally just makes the current problems bigger than you knew they could ever be.

Technology should simplify things, not complicate them.

And here are my 4 biggest tips about technology decisions:

  1. Even the best technology cannot fix ineffective communication systems or the wrong hire.
  2. Beware the allure of innovation.
  3. Cut the cord and make the switch.
  4. The most important {and most inexpensive switches to technology} come with customer billing and team project management systems.

Listen into Episode 086 and you’ll learn:

  • Technology will not fix underlying staffing issues and new systems cannot fix ineffective communications
  • As a business owner, you have a bandwidth of responsibility – you should always be focused on revenue growth as a number one responsibility
  • Why your billing systems and your customer service systems need to talk with each other
  • Reporting is the lifeblood of you knowing where your business is going to go
  • What are the most effective converting checkout pages for online businesses
  • Here are the CRM systems I recommend…
  • What email providers have the most support?



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With grit + gratitude,
Xo Lisé

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