Podcast Episode 88: When Trust Is Broken, Can the Relationship Move Forward?

Do you remember a time when someone broke your trust?

This could’ve been a family member or someone from your team.

No matter who it was, you can feel the hurt it’s caused.

It makes me wonder when it’s going to happen again, how I’m going to handle it and how badly it’s going to impact me.

I can honestly say that learning how to deal with trust that’s been shaken is something I’ve had to spend a lot of time learning to do in our business.

I’m a very flawed CEO in many ways. People who work with me is that I’ve got great creativity and great instincts, but I’m imperfect in many many areas.

Same with the folks on my team.

They are hired based on their great strengths and we start businesses based on our strengths.

We are also dealing with strong weaknesses. There’s no such thing as perfect.

Each new person you add on to your team is going to bring both their strengths and weaknesses into the mix, making it difficult to manage the dynamic.

Early in my business, I didn’t have the best selection process. I hired EVERYONE. And it led to some very poor hires along the way. They didn’t come into my business with the same intentions I had. I think that’s first and foremost with where trust starts.

You are same on the same page as to why this business matters.

So listen into Episode 088 and you’ll learn:

  • Why my employees “Why’s” have to match up with my own
  • How easily it is for employee infractions to spread across your team
  • If you close yourself off to everyone, you also close yourself off to growth!

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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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