Podcast Episode 98: I’m completely filled with clients! So, what do I do to keep growing?

It can be hard to imagine being able to move in any direction when your calendar is completely full.

It’s scary to see you’ve reached your maximum when you have a growth mentality like I do.

I remember when my calendar got full doing personal training and yoga.

I could’ve taken on 100 hours of client work and it was NOT what I imagined it to be like.

So I was left thinking, how am I actually going to max out and grow my business without working 40,50, 60 hours a week?

Let’s first define what completely full is.

I hear this all the time, but then when I open up someone’s schedule I see hole after hole after hole.

Here’s my Client Capacity formula for determining anyone capacity:

Take the number of hours you actually saw clients over a 4 week period and divide that by the total number of hours that you actually worked = this equals your client capacity.

You may be wondering what’s the ideal client capacity? Right around 80%+

But you may not be at 80% and still feel like you have a full load of clients…those are a new set of problems.

You have a full client load who isn’t using your services correctly: You have a full load of clients, but you have far too many cancellations or reschedules.

Or you have fewer clients than you think.

Listen to Episode 098 and you’ll learn:

  • Why a long term package will better serve your sales
  • How to use referrals on a day-to-day basis
  • When is the right time for a price bump
  • How do you increase prices without offending long term clients
  • How packages increase your customer’s frequency (and results!)
  • How to break down what you pay your employees
  • The way to properly set up your processes
  • Why hire slow and fire fast




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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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