Podcast Episode 118: Meet Jenny Fenig, Who’s Turned A Corporate Career Into a Spiritual Coaching Phenomenon

Six months or so ago I met a bubbly, momma to three, who asked one simple question, “Are you ready to get gutsy?”

The fact is, it caught me a little off guard.

I’ve always assumed I was the gutsy one of the group, but the more she gently prodded in her thoughts and questions, the more I wondered how much of “me” I was really putting out into the world.

And, all the while every time I would see something this lovely women had written, I’d gently feel myself pulled to another greater place another bigger possibility.

I’ve been blessed to watch Jenny Fenig journey round the world, homeschool her son when he needed change {and family} the most and touch the lives of thousands of women with her powerful questions, challenges and dreams.

Join Jenny and I on Episode 118 as we chat about:

  • How Jenny discovered the power of following your gifts and knowing what you are meant for
  • What made Jenny start her own coaching school
  • What it means to her to “comfortably numb” (and how she overcame it!)
  • How easy to lose yourself in the race to nowhere…


Get Gutsy by Jenny Fenig

With Grit + Gratitude,


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