Podcast Episode 125: Let’s Turn Inventory Management Into Cash Management Because That’s What Using Your Inventory of Content, Physical Products and Services Should Be

When you think of the words “inventory management,” what comes to mind? Maybe things like…

Those t-shirts you can’t keep on your shelves…

UPS, Fedex or anyone else who’s bringing you things to sell…

Anything by Spiritual Gangster, Alo Yoga or Lululemon {cause let’s face it those can be awfully fun}.

But inventory management doesn’t stop with literal physical inventory… in fact that’s on scratching the surface.

Think of blog posts, recipes you’ve emailed out over the years, amazing topics in a private Facebook group, or even the repertoire of your best selling group and private sessions…

All of these are inventory for you to use, re-purpose, and create to draw new clients through your doors and keep old clients coming back for more.

So why do we waste much more time recreating the same stuff over and over again?

I got four words for you: Way. Too. Much. Information.

What if you had a place where all of your past stuff was logged and stored to either reuse or decide you want to come up with a new promotion that hasn’t been done before?

Whether you’re organizing customer support FAQ’s, marketing checklists, social media downloads that drive new email addresses, or your greatest classes ever, it’s time to organize your most important inventory… your intellectual property.

Think about your sales manager {or shoot, even you on a busy day} could take a client from on the fence to sold, by accessing your treasure chest of key levers or a bonus that’s exactly what they needed to say yes because it was easily accessible in a ready to search database.

Now that my friends is powerful.

So I have Jordan Gill, Founder of The Kolada Group, back for a third and final episode this week sharing how we can keep everything all organized and in one place!

Listen into Episode 125 and you’ll learn:

  • Everyone has an online business – whether you have a “brick and mortar” or not!
  • Why there’s value in repurposing
  • More isn’t better…
  • Find your profit centers while doing what gets you excited
  • Why email isn’t dead
  • Jordan explains the Google Doc system she created which she calls the Hub, and the six sections it contains


80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

Inventory Management

With grit + gratitude,


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