Podcast Episode 127: Boutique Fitness is officially a price driven commodity {but it doesn’t have to stay that way}. Here’s 3 ways to change that today in your studio.

Today a miracle happened.

18 months of tilling, sowing seeds {literally}, plowing fields and hauling in more literal sh** than I thought possible, led to our farm’s first harvest…

And, the first trip to the Farmer’s Market in historic downtown Abita Springs, LA.

I’m not gonna lie. It felt amazing setting it up, laying out pound after pound of squash in antique baskets, and jars of honeycomb with burlap toppers for clients to peruse.

It felt amazing until I realized we were one of twelve other farms selling squash and zucchini, one of five honey vendors, and one of three people also raising heirloom chickens.

Y’all, the bloodbath of competition even shows up under tents at the farmer’s market {and if you’re questioning me I dare you to show up and meet our nearest egg vendor who was one of the feistiest farmers I’ve ever met}.

Also turns out the farmer’s market isn’t that different than the boutique fitness market.

Nowadays everything from training to yoga, from Pilates to cycling, from boutique boxing to athletic training is a commodity.

It’s available at every gym, neighborhood center, and likely even one garage or pool house in your neighborhood.

Teacher trainings are pouring our more yoga teachers than we have students for, and somedays it feels like every other person I talk to is prepping to open their own version of fitness.

The only problem? The demand for these services isn’t growing nearly as fast as the supply of teachers and studios, thus having the potential to turn our incredibly unique products into the newest commodity on the block.

So how do you explain why you’re priced 20% higher than everyone else in town?

Why you’re yoga is that much better than the free classes at the community center?

Why you’re different than each and every other trainer {and why a weekend certification should be something that scares them}?


Refuse to be a commodity.

Own your uniqueness.

Educate your clients on the differences.

And, sell them what your services do, not the services themselves.

Ready to learn more? Head on into to today’s episode of Ready. Aim. Empire., and learn how to remove the commodity label once and for all and share what truly does make you unique.  

With grit + gratitude,


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