Podcast Episode 133: You’re ready to launch your next big training or workshop. Here’s how to make it a thriving success.

Once upon a time you had a brilliant, beautiful dream.

Maybe it was to finally share the teaching methodology, you’ve built, nurtured and passionately planned…

Maybe it was the weekend workshop on a topic so near and dear to your heart, you’ve been bursting at the seams to share…

Or, maybe, it’s the week away in Tulum, and the fourteen slots you need to fill to make it a success {cause seriously, who’s gonna pass up Tulum?}.

No matter what, you’ve got the idea down pat.

Now, you need the people {and the plan} to make it happen.

And, it takes four key steps to get there:

  1. Right Pricing {if this isn’t right, nothing is}:

Yes, pricing is subjective.

Good news is, you’re in charge.

Bad news is, since you’re in charge, you’ve gotta put a dollar figure on your services.

Best news is, that I’m here to help.

2. Right People {‘cause it’s easy to waste lotsa dollars on the wrong ones}:

Nothing’s gonna roll right on the marketing side if you don’t know exactly who you’re targeting.

So we’re gonna figure this out before you spend a dime {or a few hundred} on the wrong ones.

3. Right Marketing Plan {and no, basic FB ads aren’t gonna cut it}:

Oh, dear, darlin' marketing plan. Without one, you’re up a creek without a paddle {and missing those really important people to make this a success}.

Good news is, there are some basics that can nearly guarantee success.

4. Right Follow Through {cause without this no one’s actually gonna sign up}:

Marketing is step one. Actually getting people to say “yes” is another story.

So let’s lay out a plan to actually make that happen.

On this Episode, I’m sharing:

  • How to find the best offer – and why you should set your pricing upfront
  • Why I recommend a flat fee for guest speakers (with a few exceptions)
  • How to set your demographic before diving in to the marketing
  • Targeting and re-targeting strategies
  • Imagery and landing pages need special consideration!
  • Why email sequences should be as personalized as possible
  • Why is online chat can be very helpful…
  • The four types of buyers you’ll encounter

With grit + gratitude,


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