Podcast Episode 140: Meet Ai Kubo, the Scientist and Yogi, Whose Bringing Mindfulness To The Forefront of the World of Medicine

Three years ago, I saved a Yoga Journal with a remarkable scientist and yogi on the cover.

I’ve carried this copy from North Carolina, all the way to Virginia, and still have it in a special place waiting for it’s forever home (if the Army ever gets us there).

As a woman, who’s deeply grounded in science, mindfulness, and yoga, the work of Ai Kubo, spoke to me at many levels.

Her mission is clear: to wean her students off the busy and into the present, to reset their body systems so that harmony is reached, and to open them up the possibility of a truly vibrant life.

That she does this, through her classes, Mindful Cleanse program, and retreats is enough.

But, what truly blew my mind, was that this life co-existed in harmony with her full-time schedule as a research scientist at Kaiser Permanente’s Division of Research, which is focused on the effects of mindfulness on cancer patients and their families.

The fact is her reach goes far beyond the mat, the walls of her classroom or even her own community.

This is the type of work that takes the very purpose of yoga and opens it up to universal need…

And, takes people to a powerful, emotional, and physical place when they need it most.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ai’s successfully integrated her background of science with yoga
  • Why she considers yoga as her “life saver”
  • The ways she’s teaching mindfulness to others (including cancer patients)
    and why she feels this work is so important
  • What Ai’s program, Mindful Cleanse, is all about and how she’s taking it to the
  • Her best tip for having a balanced life!
  • Why she loves hosting in-person events so much
  • My definition of the word “Empire” – and how it differs from the way others
    define it

With grit + gratitude,


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