Podcast Episode 151: Tired of Struggling Today? Here’s the shifts your business needs to make to thrive tomorrow.

I’m a girl who likes a good transformation story.  

For years I would binge watch “What Not To Wear” solely for the moment that someone walked out of that door looking like a 180 degree version of themselves {or let’s be honest, totally unrecognizable}, see themselves, in the mirror and start to cry.

What I didn’t love so much?

The wardrobe overhaul.

You know, the moment when the racks of clothes would be wheeled out, alongside black garbage bins, and the purging began.  

That made me cringe in literal pain.  

Out went memories, habits, comforts, even self beliefs. Shedding a wardrobe is like shedding a second skin that feels like you, only to be replaced with something that for the time being may be a little uncomfortable.  

It’s always felt the same when I made major changes in my business.  

The hardest part wasn’t the systems itself {in fact that was downright easy to implement}.

It was letting go of the beliefs, mindsets, and oh so comfortable pathways I had found myself holding onto.  

That was what hurt.  

I know some of my mindsets {in fact several of them are listed below}, but I wondered if there weren’t even more common threads. So I polled a group of clients and asked them to share the hardest mindsets they had to break to move forward and truly change their business.  

The results… well, I know I’m not alone.  

  1. “Don't shy away from targeting a very specific client and offering services specifically to them.” – Ashley Liberty
  2. “I had to be okay losing customers and trusting that I would attract the right ones. And I did!” – Alyssa Snow
  3. “I had to let go of the fear that I was losing clients to “cheaper” studios.” – Mary Ellen Goodsir
  4. “Pricing myself higher didn’t have to eliminate a demographic that struggled financially to afford me.” – Me, Myself, and I
  5. “I decided to stop worrying about whether or not my current clients would like my new higher prices {guess what they didn’t bat an eye}.” – Freda Nunn
  6. “My aha moment and break through came when I realized that I'm so tired of struggling. I decided that if I want to be successful in business I've got to dive in and give it my all today. No more waiting until tomorrow.” More people than I can count.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How mindset can make or break your startup business!
  • Why not to shy away from specific client base – and instead offer a specific solution for them
  • Why great marketing should either repel or attract…
  • If you are willing to niche down, that is the simplest, easiest way to build a business
  • How raising your prices will enable you to give back

With grit + gratitude,


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